I am a experienced certified Doula and Childbirth Educator to the Wichita Falls area.
I hold current certification through Birth Arts International. BAI is considered the premier holistic doula training organization, and is known for it's support and progressive student support practices. The training through Birth Arts is extensive and top notch.

My Philosophies

I believe that women are designed to birth their babies.  I believe birth is a natural beautiful process, and that pregnancy should not be treated as an illness. I believe that Childbirth Education is essential to counter the view's of our society about childbirth.  I will make education a large part of my practice.  I believe all women can have an enpowering birth as "she" defines it. Women have been helping other women birth for all of time, and still do in many other countries.  I believe it is incredibly beneficial to have a calm, knowledgeable, experienced support person constantly available during active labor. I believe that a woman will remember her birth experience vividly for the rest of her life, and it is a priority to me that she remember it positively. I believe that even when things have to deter from the original plan, a woman can feel empowered by her birth by knowing that she was fully prepared to make educated decisions for the well-being of herself and her child.

 I am passionate about birth and believe that every woman, no matter her age or circumstance is fearfully and wonderfully created to birth her babies!  I consider myself blessed to be available to serve woman and help them achieve the birth they desire.  I am also skilled and able to help those with special circumstances such as teen pregnancy, VBAC and Cesarean birth. 

Crystal Snider, C.D

Pregnancy Coach,  Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator