Crystal Snider, C.D

My husband and I interviewed Crystal when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and before she had doula’d any births.  We were immediately impressed with her extensive research based knowledge and the confident calmness that she brought to the table.  We hired her on the spot, and it was one of the best decisions we made regarding the birth of our first child.  My labor was unique in that my hips were out of alignment and the baby was malpositioned.  With Crystal, I achieved the natural/drug free childbirth I had planned despite these setbacks.  I honestly don’t think myself or my husband could have done it without her.  Without her, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to labor in whatever position I wanted, and we were in all kinds of them. Without her, I wouldn’t have seen a chiropractor during labor. This certainly helped things progress and was a much needed treatment since my hips were out of alignment.  Without Crystal, I wouldn’t have felt normal during the most intense parts of labor.  She took care of me (and my husband) so well.  We are graced out to have had her at the birth of our first born! I can’t speak highly enough about her, and shewill be there for the births of any children we may have in the future.  Cassie 

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I am Crystal Snider, a experienced certified Doula and Childbirth Educator to the Wichita Falls area.  I hold current certification through Birth Arts International. BAI is considered the premier holistic doula training organization, and is known for it's support and progressive student support practices. The training through Birth Arts is extensive and top notch.

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